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 Night Tribes Inc. is something that was started several years back and after  some time off is something that I feel is ready for a comeback. We enjoyed moderate success but not at the level it could've been. Many of the members did not understand the concept and did contribute as much as the reaped. Night Tribes creates a network for local bands. As many local bands know, it is hard to play in a new territory without support of an already established local band. This is not about getting shows for just one band. It is about all the members supporting each other and helping the local scene. It is a free service and this is not a manager service so bands that have retained manager services need not be excluded. I do not book the shows but relay information when someone inquires about a band playing on their bill. Countless hours are spent for free promotion. Message boards all over are full of topics about the bands of Night Tribes Inc. In the past it was not uncommon for out of state bands to get in touch with me about trading shows. I've noticed that bands with managers are advised not to join for fear the band will be stole away. If your manager wants to help your band then they should remember that they are there for you and not the other way around. As time goes on Night Tribes Inc. will start putting on shows at different venues and members are put on the line-up along with potential members. What is expected of you as a member? No one expects you to put a member on every show you do but I feel one out of four is not a lot to ask. Egos do not fit in well here and they only seem to get in the way. Links to your page will be on this site as well as a brief summary of your band. NVAIN is a prime example about what it means to be a Night Tribes member. They help other bands out and only want to plat on other shows. No egos, no whinnying about spots, and no complaining. If you are interested in becoming a member of Night Tribes Inc. or have questions, then click on the link below to email.

Night Tribes Inc.